Pre-Holiday Cleanse

The holiday season can be a hectic time, full of indulgences, which can leave you feeling drained and uncomfortable when its all over. A pre-holiday cleanse can be a great way to support your body and mind, boost your immune system and re-set your metabolism, so that you can stay healthy through the season. I recommend that you do this for 10 days or longer.

For added benefit, after your cleanse, adopt some of these changes into your lifestyle (between parties and family events) in order to maintain optimal resilience.

The Cleanse:

Start each day with a tall glass of water with lemon.

Cut your lemon in quarters and let it infuse over night, this will increase the essential oil content, providing more of the medicinal properties of the fruit. Please note that lemon can be hard on your enamel therefore protect your teeth by drinking from a straw. If you can’t drink from a straw use 1 tbsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in your water as an alternative.

Ditch the coffee!

Caffeine can increase adrenaline resulting in energy, and blood sugar ups and downs during the day. Consider dandelion tea instead. Dandelion increases digestive juices, and supports liver detoxification pathways. If you have trouble avoiding coffee completely, limit yourself to 1 coffee in the morning, and try an Americano since it is lower in caffeine.

Forget the alcohol

Alcohol is high in sugar, promotes leaky gut, inflames your liver, and impairs sleep quality.

Avoid Sugar and white grains

Sugar promotes cravings and impairs the immune system.

Eliminate Gluten and Dairy

these promote inflammation, leaky gut, and mucus formation.

Don’t forget your essential fats and Vitamin D

These are important for decreasing inflammation and healing the gut among other things.

Add extra fibre

Fibre binds fats and toxins and eliminates. In addition, it keeps you full and satisfied. Consider things like ground flax, chia or hemp seeds.


Try turning off your cellphone, TV and computer 2 hours before bed, in order to truly relax your mind and promote healthy melatonin production.

Get moving

During a cleanse, intense exercise is not recommended, but sweating is and important aspect of cleansing. Activities such as Yoga or a brisk walk every day can be beneficial to your body and your mind.


The lungs are an organ of elimination too. Every time you breathe deeply you take in more oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. This supports your brain, improves your energy and calms the mind.


In order to get optimal results, a cleansing program can be tailored to your specific needs. Book an appointment today in order to take your cleanse to the next level.